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Her fiery hair is definitely her crowning glory though - I’d listen to her talk about accent colours for hours just based on that mane! (Remember the “flowers for spring, how original” scene in ? That’s right collegiettes, today I have something a little bit special for you - a definitive (read: highly biased and based entirely on my own opinion) ranking of the chicest fashion editors around today! Taylor Tomasi Hill Taylor Tomasi Hill is the accessories editor of Marie Claire, and her expertise certainly shows in her carefully layered and flawlessly accessorized ensembles. Joanna Hillman Joanna Hillman is the fashion market editor for Harper’s Bazaar - basically, she decides what you’ll be wearing next fall.If the list was boiled down to only the country’s 50 largest counties, the top five would all be in New York.Yes, looks like all of those “Sex & the City” stereotypes might be true after all.Dia 22 de abril foram entregues os prêmios sorteados em Caxambu e São Lourenço. Věděli jste, že sluch je jediný smysl, který lze koupit? Darovat sluch těm, kteří ho ztratili nebo si ho chtějí udržet, je tak jednodušší, než jste si kdy mysleli. Skládá se ze dvou částí, samotného implantátu a zvukového procesoru. Lidem s postižením sluchu v Česku implantaci hradí zdravotní pojišťovna. Vendulce je 12 let a narodila se rodičům se sluchovým postižením.

And at least 9 of the 10 featured here are still married. Click through to remember the gowns, the grooms, and everything in between from the most fashionable weddings of the year. Since it was held in Italy, we bet the buffet was unbelievable, too.

Her colourful ensembles are a welcome break from the sea of neutral that permeates most of the fashion scene - normcore what? She’s editor in chief of Vogue, which is also essentially the biggest magazine in fashion, ever. No one does menswear-inspired better than Esther Quek.

Anna Wintour has a classic, timeless look that will never go out of style - if only because she gets to decide exactly what’s in style! Her tailored, chic looks always wow on the fashion circuit, and for good reason.

Yeah, that.) She’s the queen prints, and she made this list because she manages to mix leopard print and stripes in a single outfit absolutely flawlessly.

You can follow her life and career via her instagram. Julia Sarr-Jamois As the senior fashion editor for i-D Mag, Julia Sarr-Jamois is the tastemaker of the vaguely counterculture fashion world. Anna Wintour Anna Wintour is, like, literally the biggest name in fashion - ever. She’s a fashion editor for The Rake magazine- maybe not the biggest name in fashion publishing, but just LOOK at that impeccable suit!

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Colorful songstress Solange Knowles is sharing her style and part of her personal story in Harpers Bazaar.

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