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I've got something on my mind today, and it's important you hear about it NOW.

The concept of 'inner game' has become HIGHLY-PREVALENT in the world of dating coaching today and it's actually FVCKING YOU UP.

"Finally - The World's Most Powerful Method For Attracting Beautiful Women..." Controversial?

YES - And This May Be The Most Powerful Discovery For Men In Our Time...

Some of the shit he said and taught was stupid, some of the shit he said and taught was genius. His outer game back then was pre-planned, what I teach today is much more natural and effective.Inner game is the coined phrase for what is happening inside your mind.Your eyes, body and voice subtlety communicate to those around you how you feel about yourself.I've been involved as an author, editor, and contributor to over 15 programs on how to meet women, how to attract women, and how to live what I call the "Alpha Lifestyle." What is the Alpha Lifestyle?That's the lifestyle of a man who gets the women he wants, the financial success he wants, and the social and sexual success he deserves.

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This book is the second of the Airtight Game series.

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