Compatible interests dating service

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We called upon e Harmony dating and relationship expert Melanie Schilling to explain the reason behind these findings.She says that men have genetically been known to look for an ‘ideal’ partner who is healthy and will care for their children, someone they can pass along their genes with, while women are drawn to men who will act as the provider and protector, to care for the family.The study also found that while women tend to list more interests than men, men who include interests in their profile receive 125% more communication requests than those who don’t, while women only increase their chances by 25%.However women still receive nearly three times as many communication invites than men overall.One way that you can know if you are compatible when you meet at a lesbian dating site is when you share common interests.

It is designed to give you insights into your views in these 7 areas: social preference, principles/values, religion/beliefs, family, money, communications, and interests/activities.

We at The Positive Way feel that couples should establish a positive foundation for the future by having these discussions in a meaningful way prior to making any long term commitments.

The ideal time to sort all of these issues out is while you are still dating and considering becoming engaged.

According to the findings, men with an interest in politics are considered the most attractive to women, followed by those with an interest in travel, health and exercise, food and theater.

On the flip side, the top five hobbies and interests listed by women that are most likely to capture men’s attention are: personal growth, health and exercise, food, family and dancing.

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Further, you may compare your scores with those of another person to gain insight into how compatible you might be.